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Garbage truck 1970

1970, Soviet Armenia. A day of the life of a young man who went crazy about a garbage truck, joined the truck driver and spent all day cruising with him though the city.  Along with explaining the waste management process the driver shared to him seemingly strange stories about his grandpa, an Armenian genocide survivor who fled to the US, then decided to move all his family out from Boston to uncertainty of Soviet Armenia, got through the hell of Stalin’s Gulag and many other stories.

Graphic novel, 208 pages. Self-published in Boston, 2022


My Summer Camp Story

A 25-page comics diary of a kid attending the Youth Public Safety Academy. Organized by  Middlesex Sheriff's Office this week-long camp designed to expose the youngest citizens to role models in public safety - namely sheriff's offices, and their local police, fire and EMS personnel, as well as to teach them valuable life and safety lessons. 

Each cadette of the Academy received a copy of the comics.

Published by Middlesex Sheriff`s office, 2021.

Nelson Stepanyan,
a Revenger

The hero of the story is Nelson Stepanyan, an Armenian dive bomber pilot nicknamed Baltic Thunderbird.  He is one of the unique pilots of WWII, awarded the title of Twice Hero of the Soviet Union. He flew 259 combat missions destroyed hundreds of German hardware and thousands of soldiers spreading horror amongst the enemy. 

Published in Karabagh anthology, SCDF foundation, 2014.

The Secret

The story of the immigrant woman in the US struggling in totally new environment. Being in ultimate despair she made a wish to get rid of all her troubles that suddenly became true...

Published in Spellbound anthology Vol. 1 by Boston Comics Roundtable, 2015 .