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The Secret

The story of the immigrant woman in the US struggling in totally new environment. Being in ultimate despair she made a wish to get rid of all her troubles that suddenly became true...

Published in Spellbound anthology Vol. 1 by Boston Comics Roundtable, 2015 .

Method of

A lab mice who are going to participate in Alzheimer's disease trial. They realize that they are not researchers but lab animals who have to outwit humans if they want to survive...Here is the dilemma: what to do, blindly support humans or try to explain them that lab animals are live creatures with feelings and intellect.

Published in Boundless anthology Vol. 1 by Boston Comics Round table, 2016.

Nelson Stepanyan,
a Revenger

The hero of the story is Nelson Stepanyan, an Armenian dive bomber pilot nicknamed Baltic Thunderbird.  He is one of the unique pilots of WWII, awarded the title of Twice Hero of the Soviet Union. He flew 259 combat missions destroyed hundreds of German hardware and thousands of soldiers spreading horror amongst the enemy. 

Published in Karabagh anthology, SCDF foundation, 2014.