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24 Hour Comics (Boston, 2015)

Boston Comics Roundtable were hosting a 24-Hour Comics Day community event. There were six of us, and it was so cool. During 24 continuous hours participants should develop a 24-page story. Seems it's a lot of time but it is not. 


The Drawing Board

Created by Susan Chasen

The Drawing Board is a four-episode live comics-drawing show produced in Cambridge, MA, hosted by artist Dan Mazur and featuring New England comics artists. The guest artists participate in various drawing games and are interviewed about their work. 


Creator Talk with Levon Gyulkhasyan (Boston, 2015)

On Sunday, September 20, I shared footage, pictures, and stories of making JUMBO LOOP COMICS in Armenia and in Angoulême, the home of France’s leading comics festival. 

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